4 participatory anthologies on european heritage

Ausstellungsbeteiligung / exhibited @

NEUE GALERIE GRAZ / Kunstraum Steiermark, Graz, AT

7.12.2017 – 14.01.2018

produced for:

NSK STATE PAVILION at the 57th Venice Biennale

CA’ TRON (Iuav University of Venice), Santa Croce, 1957, Nearest Vaporetto: San Stae 

11 May – 15 July 2017 (Opening Thursday, 11 May, at 8pm)



As my contribution to the NSK-STATE-PAVILION and as my respond to the questioning about european heritage I chose the format of the guestbook. Each of the four books emerged from an important/controversial/iconic european and/or austrian publication/book. The book covers´ design clearly refers to the original on the first sight and wants to create a certain discomfort on the other. Each book opens up concrete questions and invites the audience to shape the content.


Please contribute to this anthology with one note, one word, one sentence, one written page, one sketch, one image, one drawing. Choose one of the questions or all of them, find an empty page, choose the format you like! Thank you for your contribution! Thanks to all who already did! [Lotte Schreiber, 2017]

Please use the language of your choice!  >

send me your contribution via email: lotte_s@gmx.net


Das Kapital

Capital versus Capitalism | THINKBOOK  inspired by Karl Marx

What do you feel as the most important „capital“ of our society? 

Be invited to contribute a brainstorming on the juxtaposition of the terms Capital – Capitalism.



Le Deuxiéme Sexe (The Second Sex) | DEMANDBOOK inspired by Simone de Beauvoir

1) Which women inspire you?

2) What is your concrete demand for anchoring the real equality of all sexes in society?

3) What disturbs you personally about the current situation or what personal experience did you make, which clearly shows that men still stand above the women in social hierarchy?



Mein Kampf (Fight Nationalism!)  | NEVERAGAINBOOK

The history and, indeed, the recent historical development in Europe shows that the nation state is in no way conducive to an European peace project; on the contrary, it is the breeding ground for fear, exclusion and racism. What is your argument against nationalism? What could be an alternative to the national state?



Die Waffen nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms!) | STRATEGYBOOK  inspired by Bertha von Suttner

More than ever the civil society is asked to protest against the recent wave of repression by state authorities and the associated loss of social achievements in the whole of the world (Turkey, Russia, Hungary, USA,…). What could be concrete strategies for a nonviolent resistance?