If I had land under my feet

Installation and short film screening by Lotte Schreiber

At PUBLIC ROOM Lotte Schreiber will present two of her works – the cinematic memorial IF I HAD LAND UNDER MY FEET, which originated in a multilayered project in public space in Vienna, which she developed and realized together with Vienna based artist TK1968+ in 2016 – and the cinematic work GHL, a 16 minute- short film, which was awarded at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2013.

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Lotte Schreiber is an Austrian filmmaker and visual artist grown up in Graz, Styria and based in Vienna since 1999.
Her films and installations have been shown at numerous international film Festivals and exhibitions. For her work she received various awards and distinctions e.g. Diagonale-Award for Innovative Cinema at the Austrian Film Festival, AT 2015, Award for Best Short Film, Edinburgh International Film Festival, UK 2013, Outstanding Artist Award avant-garde film, Federal Ministry for Art, Culture and Education, AT 2011.

Public ROOM Sarajevo Avdage Sahinagica 6, 71000 Sarajevo